I was introduced to belly binding by Ambor Gibson of Mama Bear Mama Care. I saw a few pictures of wraps online and thought they were pretty but imagined it must take a professional to tie it on you to look that good and still had no clue what they did. All of that changed when I was invited to attend a Benkung Belly Binding class taught by Ambor. We learned a brief history of the wrap and she then showed us how it worked and told us a few of the benefits. The knowledge and skill I took from this class has allowed me to be proactive in helping to improve not only my posture but also the muscle structure in my abdomen that was separated during pregnancy.


Myth #1 – “Benkung Belly Binding must be done by a Professional” – Belly binding is something you can do on your own at home and wear anywhere, even while sleeping. While the knotting looks complex it is actually pretty easy to get the hang of when you have received hands on instruction. So your knots may take a while to be perfectly straight but after repeated use of the wrap you will become quite efficient with the knotting and still get the benefits either way!

Myth #2  – “I can’t use it, I’m Pregnant” – Even expecting moms can use the Benkung Belly Binding. When wrapping for pregnancy the focus is more on helping to support the moms growing baby and belly and relieving pressure on her pelvis and back instead of bringing muscles together. This wrap is also adjusted slightly by only being snug around the first 2-4 knots and a little looser above the belly button.

Myth #3 – “My Kids are Grown, I Can’t Use it” – It doesn’t matter if it’s been a few months, years or decades since your pregnancy. Benkung Belly Binding can benefit you! Diastasis recti is the term for the common occurrence of muscle separation during pregnancy. As the uterus grows it can cause your abdominal muscles to separate to either side leading to the common “baby bulge” and urine leakage after having children.

Whether you are expecting your first child or have grandchildren Benkung Belly Binding can be a great benefit to you and can even help improve your overall health. To learn more about the benefits of belly binding and when the next class is taking place visit: http://mamabearmamacare.com/bekung-belly-wrapping/ and reserve your seat for the next class at: http://mamabearmamacare.com/belly-binds-etc/belly-binding-workshop

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