3 Things You May Not Expect After Giving Birth

3 Things You May Not Expect After Giving Birth

There are a lot of things we talk about when someone is pregnant but can forget about the postpartum stage. Often we take certain memories away from such life-changing experiences like birth and some times simply forget other details. With baby number four on the way, I have joined multiple pregnancy groups to connect with people going through similar things. I thought it would be a good idea to ask what they wish they had known after having a baby. This definitely brought up some good reminders for me and my upcoming birth!

You may already know to freeze food for two weeks so you can rest or be aware of the baby blues but I want to share with you a few you may not know. Below, you will see a few of the answers I got from the pregnancy group and my previous experiences. Please know I am not a medical professional and all information offered is purely informative and not medical advice. OK, let’s get started:

“That you have contractions AFTER birth too and they hurt like a MF”

This is just one of those things we forget and/or don’t talk about. With my first baby, I was not expecting contractions after having her and honestly, they weren’t too bad. However, with each birth after that, they get worse. I confirmed this with multiple moms and let’s just say I am NOT looking forward to these with baby #4. This time I am going to try a tincture called AfterEase that I have seen many people have great success with.

While uncomfortable, these contractions help your uterus to go back down to size after carrying your baby. Also one more thing……… breastfeeding makes these contractions a bit worse as latching stimulates contractions annnnnnd this also makes more blood come out. But look on the bright side, your body is amazing and doing what it needs to help you recover.

“That trying to go #2 after baby is born is almost just as painful as labor 😩”

“Everyone told me that pooping hurt. That was fine for me, peeing was HORRIBLE.”

There is no way around it, going to the bathroom after you have a baby kind of sucks. Pushing anything out or worrying about urine running over your vulva after just having a baby is kind of intimidating. Not to mention you will also be bleeding. While this isn’t a pretty topic it is great to know how to best prepare.

Often whether at home or the hospital, you will be provided a perineum irrigation bottle or peri bottle for short. Using the peri bottle to spray the sensitive area while using the restroom can help. Some even like to ad witch hazel for a cooling effect. While the Frida Mom Upsidedown Peri Bottle wasn’t around with my last, I have seen a lot of great reviews. I may be trying it out with this one, the regular ones are so difficult to aim LOL!

“Blood clots will literally fall out of your vulva and it’s not actually concerning unless they’re bigger than a golf ball”

You will bleed after giving birth for about two weeks and while this may be common knowledge to some, the blood clots can be quite a shock if you are not expecting them. They range in size from unnoticeable or barely visible up to a golf ball or larger. If they get larger than a golf ball your care provider may have you contact them,

For this reason and the unpredictability of flow, I use depends incontinence underwear rather than the mesh panties and a pad that are typically offered. The panties and pad were not only uncomfortable especially after stitches but they also leaked. LEaking also ruins the mesh panties pretty quickly. With my other two, I used depends and felt so much more comfortable because I had full coverage even when I slept but it also did a better job of soaking up the blood to feel less of the moisture. I felt cleaner and just better all around.