Often, as an artist I find my self dreaming of elaborate and over-the-top top ideas. On occasion, someone has to bring me back to reality. However, for this vision of Mother Nature, multiple talented people came together to bring my vision to life. I wanted to capture Mother Nature in Spring, Fall and Winter.

I put out a model call and searched for the perfect attire. Then, I found Boutique by Agnes! Her infinity gown is the piece that first grabbed my attention. She makes gorgeous gowns for ANY occasion!

To polish the look, hair and make-up was a must! I’ve known Genia, owner of Epiphany Salon and Day Spa, for a few years now and she also likes to dream big! We brought together the looks for hair and make-up. Genia also brought in stylist, Porsche and henna artist, Archana, of iBrow Couture. The lovely floral elements were picked especially for this project with the help of Grafe Studio. The looks would not have been complete without all of their help!

The video above gives you an idea of the fun we had that day at the Historic Read House Hotel. Though this was a styled session based on my vision, Custom Sessions are the equivalent with YOUR vision. Think extravagantly and let’s make your vision happen!

Take a look at a few photos from the session below and check back often to see more. Each model will be featured in a blog post in weeks to come.Spring_Fall_Winter

Spring copy
Gab_Fall copy
Taz_WinteRFullBody copy


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