Hypno Home Birth Streamed Live | June 2020

Hypno Home Birth Streamed Live | June 2020

Hi, my name is Lindsey and I am the creator of BirthandMom.com. I created this site partly to help reduce the fear around pregnancy and birth. Birth can be amazing and I want to help all birthing people understand what their options are. I will be live streaming the birth of my fourth baby on YouTube to show what one option can look like.

We plan to welcome this baby at home surrounded by my children and an amazing support team. I will also be using a birth pool and hypnosis for pain management as they have worked wonders in the past. With my first baby, I was amazed at how smooth and peaceful the process was. This is what began my journey in wanting to share with people that birth doesn’t have to be scary like we see on TV. Birth can be empowering when you have confidence in the natural, normal process and knowledge to ask for what you want.

birth in tub

This is not the first time I have streamed a birth live. In March of 2017, I streamed my son’s birthday where you can see his sisters helping to catch him upon arrival. This was absolutely one of the most magical days of my life! At this point, this video has 160,598  views. If out of those thousands of people, if I was able to help one family feel more confident, see a different option or learn more about birth then I accomplished my goal.

“So beautiful and peaceful to watch.  This is my first child that I’m carrying and I try to only watch peaceful births to curb my fear of the labor and delivery process.  Thank you so much for sharing this amazing birth.”

Knowing I did, in fact, accomplish my goal, I could not pass up on the opportunity to do this again. There were, of course, multiple disapproving comments but once again the few that were able to take away something truly filled my heart! I even had the opportunity to help educate one pregnant mom on birthing positions.

Q: “Is it easier to deliver is this position? I’m considering a home birth”

A “I definitely feel like its easier to birth a baby on your hands and knees. when they have you laying on your back, gravity is actually pulling the baby toward your back. if you are standing or even on hands and knees it allows gravity to help move the baby down and out of the birth canal.”

Join the ‘Hypno Home Birth Streamed Live June 2020’ Facebook event for updates on the pregnancy leading up to baby #4’s birthday. I’d love to have you there! Feel free to invite any family, friends or professionals you think might be interested. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the live stream or anything pregnancy-related. I’d love to help however I can.

Many Blessings,

Lindsey D.