Are you afraid of giving birth? Does it make you a bit nervous or completely terrify you? You are not alone!

Have you told someone you are pregnant and they answered by telling you their own or a friend’s NIGHTMARE childbirth experience? Then we have stories on the news, shows like “A Baby Story” and movies like “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” showing extreme situations, traumatic birth experiences and painful techniques for birthing. No wonder most of the western world has an unnatural fear of childbirth and caused us to distrust our own instincts during birth.

A wonderful way to help build confidence in your body’s ability to birth a baby and to help remove fear from the birthing process is through Hypnobabies. Hypnobabies teaches the basics of what happens during childbirth to help you to understand the changes your body is going through at this time and self-hypnosis techniques to help handle the discomfort of birth.

Before attending a Hypnobabies during my first pregnancy, I was quite skeptical about #1 the name (Why are we hypnotizing babies? I thought) and #2 self-hypnosis. After doing research, I quickly figured out it wasn’t about hypnotizing babies but helping to deal with the discomfort while birthing a baby. Self-hypnosis was a way to teach me techniques to tune out discomfort and stay focused on the fact that I was going to meet my baby soon! And a great side effect of the hypnosis was very deep relaxation, allowing my body to work efficiently to easily birth my babies. Each one of these was extremely beneficial to my birthing experience with both of my children and I would highly recommend attending a Hypnobabies class to all pregnant moms. They even have specific resources for fear in everyday life and cesareans.

Learn more about Hypnobabies by finding and instructor near you.

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